Mobile Treatment Centers & Emergency Transport Vehicles

We use late model 4×4 trucks with Mobile Treatment Centers which serve a dual purpose: an emergency transport vehicle and a mobile first aid room (not just a first aid kit). In addition to meeting WCB requirements, our MTCs are stocked with many extra supplies and equipment, to ensure that the best patient care is available.

Our MTC units meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) which includes roll protection. Vehicle Inspections are done daily pre trip and all vehicles are maintained regularily according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Fully Equipped First Aid Trailers

Our fleet of first aid trailers includes 2- 10×44’ and 2- 12×50’ well site skid units. They are equipped with 10×10’ and 12×12’ first aid rooms (with 42”wide door), large “M” size oxygen cylinder and all required supplies and equipment to meet and exceed BC and Alberta OH&S regulations. The living/sleeping quarters for personnel are self-contained with private bedroom, fridge, stove, microwave, washer/dryer, cell phone and TV with satellite system.

Additional units available include a 10×20’ skid unit or 8×28′ pull-behind unit that serves as a first aid room/office and a pick up towable 28’ tandem axel that has separate office and first aid room. It is self-contained and includes fridge microwave, hide-a-bed couch, TV, counter style desk with chair, fresh & grey holding tanks, shower and incinerator toilet.  (includes first aid supplies and for site admin/ clerking, a computer with printer/scanner is provided).

Medics, Safety & Traffic Control Personnel

The Medic, Safety Officer and Traffic Control personnel we provide are skilled, responsible and reliable professionals. All employees receive an extensive company orientation; new hires are given in-depth, on the job training with an experienced mentor, supervisor or manager. On going training is provided to all employees thru safety meetings, refresher courses, recertification and online training. Employees are tested to ensure their competency with first aid equipment and their ability to provide prompt and professional first aid and emergency medical care. Driving assessments are completed as part of the hire/training package

How We Work

Here at Preference we take safety seriously and is our first priority. We respect and adhere to all levels of regulatory requirements and industry guidelines and meet our obligations with diligence.

Our Manager and Supervisor receive a variety of training including leadership for safety excellence, regulatory compliance, essential skills for supervisors and admin assistants.

Supervisor site visits and inspections are conducted on a regular basis to ensure a safe workplace is provided, employees are maintaining company policies and to address any concerns that the employee or client may have.

Preference Medics are trained to provide trauma care, definitive treatment of minor wounds and provide follow-up care for work related injury or illness. We will maintain accurate records of all treatments and keep patient confidentiality. Our goal, through safety, education and proper treatment of minor injuries is to help keep the worker at site working. This provides a benefit to the worker and employer by ensuring the employee can stay on the job with the need for retraining or a replacement worker mitigated.

Our employees are expected to actively participate in any site safety program. They will partake in safety and tailgate meetings and are a valuable part of the worksite. Our personnel can be an asset in working a safety program onsite, encouraging interest in your safety meetings and contributing topics and information that benefit the worker’s health and safety at both the worksite and at home.  We will work with the client and other contractors on site to develop and implement safe work practices.

We have available Certified National Construction Safety Officers and all of our personnel including medics and TCPs have hazard assessment training. Our NCSOs can provide all of your site safety needs and will work diligently to see that OH&S and Company requirements are met.  This includes ensuring regulatory requirements are being complied with; monitoring that company safe work practices and procedures are being followed, conducting site tours, hosting your safety and or tailgate meetings and many other safety duties. This enables job foremen, supervisors, consultants etc. to focus on getting the job done while the day to day safety concerns are looked after by our professional who report their findings to the job supervisors and bring any concerns to their attention. Preference NCSOs are always willing to assist with other duties on the job site such as clerical work, timekeeping, etc. for added value at the worksite.

Preference Medic & Safety Professionals are at the worksite to be part of your team. They are willing to lend a hand to help your job site function smoothly and to encourage a Healthy, Safe and Positive worksite for all.

Professional service, attitude and ethics are what our Company is built on and what we offer to our Clients.

We carry liability and professional insurances along with WCB coverage in both BC and Alberta. Workers Compensation Clearance and Certificate of Insurance are forwarded upon agreement to provide services.